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Offers a virtual hang out and support during recovery.

Provides online and virtual support.

Offers global community of mutual-support groups, forums including a chat room and message board.

Offers an online support and recovery community.

Offers an online platform to help anyone get sober and stay sober.

Provides a women-only international online recovery community.

Online Recovery Meetings: Provides online support through live meetings and discussion groups.

Offers online support.

Offers online support and services.

LifeRing Secular Recovery offers online support.

Offers virtual support.

Offers a variety of online and Skype meeting options.

Even though the pandemic has halted several face to face meetings in you area, there are plenty virtual recovery resources to aid in your journey. Staying socially connected to others is very important during recovery. The following list has been designed for that purpose.

Provides an online forum for those in recovery and their friends and family.

Provides daily online recovery groups for those with substance use and mental illness.

Providing daily virtual meeting for those in recovery and for their family members.

Coronavirus Information and Resources Guide.

Contains online support meetings, blogs, mobile apps, social media groups, and movie suggestions, including the online support community, and The Daily Pledge. 

“How I’m Coping with COVID-19 and Social Isolation as a Person in Long-Term Recovery” provides helpful suggestions.

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